Hyper Japan

Japanese populer culture event was held in Earl’s Court, London 23rd- 25th November.



I had a chance to go to this event. I saw lots of people who are wearing Japanese animation charactor’s costumes in this event.
Finally there was a fashion show called Japanese street fashion show”kawaii”. “kawaii” meams cute or girly in Japanese. Models were wearing pink and white colour dresses with laces and ribbons. Their hair styles were curly and long such like an antique French doll. Some of them had angel wings on their back, one of them had a flower bascket with pink roses.
Actually girly style is just one of many street fashion styles in Japan. But only girly style is closed up and introduced by the madia in this event.
In addition to this event, Lolita style dresses are displayed in V&A museum, Japanese section now. Lolita fashion is introduced as Japanese street fashion in its explanation.  I’d say that ”kawaii” fashion style is recognised in UK as Japanese most popular fashion style.
Here are photographs that are displayed in V&A museum now.


V&A museumV&A museum